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Welcome to The Butcher Shop, a trailblazer in the meat game, serving the highest grade selections and service. Here, you’ll experience the tried and true charm of a traditional butcher shop combined with the creative innovations that ruffle our competitors’ feathers.

Quality To Sink Your Teeth Into

Our natural selections of beef, pork, and chicken are masterpieces of meat. We also offer a variety of specialty meats not typically seen at the other stores like frog legs, alligator meat, and rocky mountain oysters. If you’re really looking for something wild, we offer special ordering for meats and other proteins. Order anything in bulk, quarters, whole beef shares, or create a meat combination basket.

We’re At Your Service

Here at the Butcher shop our personalized experiences are not just limited to what you see in the case. Our in house chef is certified Le Cordon Bleu with over a decade of experience as a professional chef. At every event, whether it is a wedding, anniversary, charity event, or company luncheon is a custom experience catered specifically to you and your needs. For those of you who are as discerning about your meat as you are your meal, we also offer personalized demonstrations and cooking lessons. It is our desire to incorporate locally sourced fruits and vegetables for our catering. By doing this we will be supporting the local businesses and our community. All these ingredients create an unrivaled experience for our customers.  

We’d Love to Meat Your Acquaintance!

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